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apartments in colombo

The Glitz and Glamour of Colombo

Skyscrapers, exclusive clubs, casinos, parties, trendy restaurants, minor eateries, easy-going people; these are what defines the largest city located within the western borders of the country. The city of Colombo is a melting pot of different people, cuisines, traditions and cultures. Regardless of all this, the city has a touch of glamour in everything that happens in it, right from dining at a rooftop restaurant of a luxury hotel to taking a ‘tuk tuk’ ride in places such as Kollupitiya or Bambalapitiya. Here is where you get the most glamorous clothing boutiques, the best educational institutes, most amount of vertical properties and in general the highest quality of life. It is a known fact that hundreds and thousands of Sri Lankan's are trying to find a place to live within this metropolis. However, if your worst fear when it comes to buying a residential property here is the fact that there is no garden or greenery, then you should consider again. Vertical gardening is a phenomenon that has become more and more popular all over the world and recently, in the flats of this futuristic city. 

The Feel of Buying an Apartment in Colombo

Obtaining an apartment for sale or for rent in this city is an investment even if you do not live here permanently. As the city keeps developing exponentially, there is not going to be a decline in the property market, especially vertical homes, since there is a problem for space when it comes to housing the crowds that migrate to this city. The advantage of buying a flat from this zone is that you can always sell it or rent it out, as there will always be a high demand in this area. The most basic facilities found in such property are hot and cold water, terrace, air-conditioning, secure parkingcolombo apartments for sale and telephone facilities. Location also plays a major role when it comes to such a home but this is not a big problem as most of them are located in convenient places within the heart of the city.

Apartments for Sale in Colombo: Vertical Gardens

When considering an apartment for sale in Colombo, remember that these properties are not the concrete forests you may have once thought of. The technological advancements with regard to vertical gardening can now give you the feeling of living close to a natural environment. 

  • Vertical gardens can be found both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference. 

  • The biggest advantage of them is that it will decrease the temperature of your home dramatically. 

  • Nevertheless, you also get the chance to recycle the grey water that accumulates in the flat. This is not only relaxing, pleasing to the eye, but you can also tend to it just as you tend to any other garden.

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